Audi R8 V10+plus 2015

  • Артикул: 000162
  • Код товара: 80562361
  • Наличие: В наличии
uffler for the Audi R8 V10 and V10 Plus (since 2015), 1.4828 stainless incl. controller CES-3. With cats and ECE or without cats, without ECE available. 50% weight reduction compared to the original.

The new model of the Audi R8 comes with the ability to control the exhaust valves by default. It is possible to use this functionality in combination with the Capristo performance exhaust system, or alternatively to control the exhaust by the reliable, included Capristo backpressure monitoring valve controller CES-3. By that, the valve's behavoir for the cruise- and sports modes can be programmed in a variable manner. The use of the programmable controller CES-3 gives you further the ability to perform a calm ride with closed valves.

Muffler with cats and ECE (Order No.: 02AU 008 03 017): 5634,65 Euro
Muffler without cats, without ECE (Order No.: 02AU 008 03 021): 4635,65 Euro

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