BMW 428i (F32, F33, F36)

  • Артикул: 000173
  • Код товара: 43662556
  • Наличие: В наличии
Exhaust system for the BMW 428i (F32, F33, F36) with valves, T309 stainless polished, incl. middle silencer stainless, skirt apron (laquered), vacuum adapter and programm. valve controller CES-3 (not for cars with hitch)

Retail prices incl. VAT:
Exhaust system with middle silencer, skirt and CES-3 controller (order number: 02BM02103003): 4.336,06 Euro
Middle silencer only (order number: 02BM02103004): 394,19 Euro
Middle silencer spare pipes (not certified) (order number: 02BM02102012): 236,51 Euro
Rear skirt apron/diffusor (order number: 02BM02110001): 409,96 Euro


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